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I am an educator and life long athlete. As a 2-time Collegiate All-American football player and a 15-year professional firefighter, I practice what I preach. My two biggest passions are helping people and health & fitness. Several years ago I decided to combine those passions and began working with people who are committed to making healthy changes in their lives.


As a transformation myself, I understand how difficult it can be to make a change, but I also know how sweet the rewards can be. After my collegiate career was over I found myself hovering around 300 lbs. I knew I needed to overhaul my approach to food, training and my health.

My transformation didn’t happen overnight, nobody’s does. By maintaining a consistent, disciplined regimen, I shed that excess weight and I felt so much better physically and mentally.

In 2014, I decided to go one step further and enter my first fitness competition at the age of 36. I competed and won 1st place in the WBFF Kansas City Championship in the Muscle Model division – earning my pro card. Since then I have competed in the 2015 WBFF World Championships in Las Vegas and the 2017 WBFF North American Championships in Los Angeles and finished in the Top 10.

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I am a Protein House Sponsored Athlete and currently reside in Kansas City, MO and am the father of two amazing children Sydney (12) and William (9).

I have helped countless people make a lasting change in their health and fitness and I look forward to the opportunity to help you!

For personal training inquiries, contact Aaron directly. 

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Nick Griffith

Personal Trainer

I am leader by example. A former 2x conference champion for Illinois State University, a student athlete who earned a degree in Exercise Science and Psychology. I use my football experience and my education to guide my clients in conquering their physical and mental barriers to elevate their performance and experience an elevated lifestyle.

I have a passion for helping clients reach their personal goals. I thoroughly enjoy seeing client’s personal growth, which then fuels me even more.

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Nick Griffith Bio Picture.jpg

During my playing years of 2015 & 2017, I experienced 2 season ending injuries. I fought the mental and physical battle of recovering from debilitating surgeries that had cost me my independence.


As I worked tirelessly to return to my football family, I knew my training was not going to help me return to performing at my best. I made the brutal decision to retire from football following the 2017-2018 season and began my journey of learning from the best in order to be the best for my clients.

With my diverse collection of certifications, I am qualified to train professional athletes, general fitness, and active U.S. military.  I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to serve as a performance coach for professional athletes, particularly NFL combine & active NFL players.  Additionally, I trained a professional rugby team, the San Diego Legion, MLB and NBA prospects, as well as active return to duty U.S military soldiers.

 I’ve witnessed the “broke college student” work and earn their way to a multimillion-dollar contract, transforming their family’s life forever. With a little accountability and motivation from you, I can’t wait to watch your success, and selfishly add you to my list of success stories.

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  • Trained 2 of our Super Bowl winning Kansas City Chiefs
  • Training #1 Ranked Heavyweight UCL Champion

For personal training inquiries, contact Nick directly. 



Personal Trainer

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Originally from Scotland, Andrew came to the United States in 2007 to attend Missouri valley college on a soccer scholarship, following his four years at Missouri Valley he attended the University of Missouri - Columbia where he received his MBA before moving to Kansas City in 2013. He now works full time at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and thoroughly enjoys training at Aaronfit in a part time capacity. 


A fitness enthusiast all his life, Andrew is a WBFF pro fitness model and first crossed paths with Aaron in 2017 when they both competed at the WBFF pro/am in Los Angeles. Andrew loves to share his passion for fitness with others and currently runs the Sunday burn class while offering a limited amount of personal training sessions and online plans. 


Outside of the gym Andrew enjoys playing soccer, golf and getting into a good book

For personal training inquiries, contact Andrew directly.